Navreet Kaur

NLP, Responsible AI, Human-Computer Interaction, AI Ethics, Computational Social Science

I am a Research Associate at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, advised by Danish Pruthi .

I am broadly interested in Natural Language Processing, Interpretability, Responsible AI and Human-Computer Interaction. My research goal is to improve our understanding of AI systems and their broader societal implications to make them fair, transparent, trustworthy and safe before being deployed to real-world settings.

Before this, I worked on building anti money laundering surveillances at Goldman Sachs. I graduated from IIT Delhi in 2020 with a Bachelor’s and Master’s, where I worked under the guidance of Aaditeshwar Seth for my thesis, which focussed on understanding the ideological biases in the Indian mass media concerning social policies.

I am also interested in photography, art, travel, calisthenics, and food. You can check out my photography on Instagram.

I am always open to discussion and excited to exchange research perspectives. If you are interested in collaborating or have any questions, feel free to reach out via email or Twitter!

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📄 Resume

  • [New] Nov, 2023: I am looking for PhD positions starting Fall 2024, to work on evaluation and mediation of societal impact of language technologies, and designing appropriate Human-LM interactions. Please reach out if this sounds interesting.
  • Oct 9-10, 2023: Attended the BiNDI Summit at Google Research India
  • May 2023: Joined the FLAIR Lab at IISc Bangalore! 😄
  • Aug 2020: Started a new role at the Financial Crime Compliance Division at Goldman Sachs, Bangalore
  • Aug 2020: Our work on Ideology Detection in the Indian Mass Media got published at ASONAM
  • Jul 2020: Completed my Bachelor’s (Textile Technology) and Master’s (Computer Science and Eng.) at IIT Delhi 🎓
  • Jan 2020: Started TAing for the course Theory of Computation & Automata at IIT Delhi
  • Jan 2019: Started TAing for the course Database Management Systems at IIT Delhi
  • Jul 2018: Awarded the Advanced Standing for outstanding performance in Computer Science courses
  • May 2017: Granted IIT Delhi Semester Merit Award for being in top 7% academic performers of the batch

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